How to Buy Right CCTV Product (CCTV Camera Buying Guide)

CCTV Camera Buying Guide

Hi, In this post I will write CCTV Camera buying guide about choosing the right CCTV product so you can decide which CCTV product will best suit to your need. I’ll write a series of post for completing this CCTV buying guide, first I’ll cover the technology based on which products are available in the market.

Majorly there are two technologies Analog CCTV and IP CCTV. I will describe these technology according to their usage while installing CCTV not as how they work in back end.

CCTV Camera Buying Guide: Selecting Right Technology:

In Analog CCTV Technology we use the following products while installation analog CCTV .

A. Analog Cameras
B. DVR ( Digital Video Recorder)
C. BNC Connector
D. DC Connector
E. DC Power Supply
F. Monitor
While installing analog CCTV each and every camera is connected to DVR via 3+1 Cable or we can use RG-6 Cable and 2 Core power cable. For video connection we will use BNC connector and for power connection we use DC connector.

In IP CCTV Technology we use following products while installation IP CCTV.

A. IP Cameras
B. NVR (Network Video Recorder)
C. RJ-45 Connector
D. DC Connector
E. POE Switch
F. DC Power Supply
G. Monitor
While installing the IP CCTV camera we can terminate IP camera at any nearest network switch and connect the NVR on any network switch in the local area network. We can give power to IP cameras either via POE switch or 12V DC power adapter.

When comparing both the technologies Analog CCTV will be cheaper than the IP CCTV but when we talk about the latest technology then IP CCTV wins. When there is complex installation we have to choose IP CCTV because of its ease of installation. For a small SOHO analog CCTV will be a much cost effective option to choose

I hope this CCTV Camera buying guide will help you in choosing the right CCTV product as per your requirement. I’ll write about buying CCTV in the next post, so stay tune and follow the blog so you can get the update when I’ll write about in details with models in coming posts.

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