New Online CCTV Buying Guide 2020 : Here is how you can buy best CCTV

Online CCTV Buying Guide

CCTV Buying Guide: Buy Analog CCTV Online

While choosing the right Analog CCTV camera for you need you have to check these points. This post will also guide you about buy Analog CCTV online with their model no. 

Table of Content:

  1. How many cameras you want right now? 
  2. Is there any future expansion scope? 
  3. How much resolution is required for cameras? 
  4. How much storage is required? 

CCTV Buying Guide : Decide no. of cameras

For Buying Analog CCTV Online first you have to select location where you want to place the cameras. 

Tip: For home you can choose entry exit gates, parking, outdoor lobbies, terrace and any open area from where any unauthorized entry is possible.  

For Offices you can choose reception, entry gate, parking, any common area, pantry, guard room etc. 

CCTV Buying Guide: Choose the right resolution

Now you have to choose on resolution required for the camera for buy analog cctv camera online . Analog cameras generally available in 1MP/2MP/5MP/8MP.   

Tip: You can choose higher resolution cameras for entry exit gates where you need a clearer image or you can choose all cameras of higher resolution as per your budget.    

Tip: For indoor usually Dome cameras are used and for Outdoor Bullet cameras are used. Bullet cameras are weather proof so you can place them outdoor.  

Now I’ll give some Hikvision Analog Cameras models of different category. As there are different series of Hikvision Analog CCTV Cameras, so I’ll give models according to different series. 

Super Eco 1MP BulletDS-2CE1AC0T-IRP\ECOHD 1MP Economic BulletDS-2CE16C0T-IRPF
Super Eco 1MP DomeDS-2CE5AC0T-IRP\ECOHD 1MP Economic DomeDS-2CE56C0T-IRPF
Super Eco 2MP BulletDS-2CE1AD0T-IRP\ECOHD 2MP Economic BulletDS-2CE16D0T-IRPF
Super Eco 2MP DomeDS-2CE5AD0T-IRP\ECOHD 2MP Economic DomeDS-2CE56D0T-IRPF

I’ll write some more post for some special series of Hikvision Analog Cameras in coming post. You can also ask in comments or by contact us of any of your query related to any model or any specific requirement related to cctv.

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